Easily outsource your B2B outbound lead & advertising generation to us

By a real person
(and it's super affordable)

Have a list of 500 or 5,000 companies to target?
Provide a URL list, a message to send, and we get to work!

"This was exactly what I was looking for."

— Samantha K., Sales Manager, VC-backed SaaS startup

We focus on outbound sales (lead generation) to fill your inbox with new prospective clients

We know what you need and we're here to help.
Real people. Real outbound sales. (No AI or automation).
Real delivery. Real results.

Identifying Leads

If you need help on assembling a spreadsheet of leads, we can help.

For example, you can tell us "Gather all the investors listed in the investor database on ABC.com with investor name, company name, and company homepage."

Outbound sales via website

1. Provide us with a spreadsheet including the websites/URLs of your future clients or target list

2. Tell us what to message in their "Contact Us" form (see photo example)

3. A real person from our team will be assigned to submit each message to each person on your list

Social media outbound

Instead of providing the website/URLs, we also provide outreach services on social media via direct message.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have to provide your own social media account(s) with the login credentials. We do not provide our own social media accounts; nor do we assume any risk/liability on your account(s).

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • X (formerly Twitter)
  • Facebook
  • and any other social media

Easy pricing you'll love

Pay only for results (not hours)
$4k/month (per full-time sales rep)
  • Real person does the work
  • No bots, automation, or AI
  • Old-school methods that work
  • Full visibility of progress & results
Unlimited Edits

Our team has tens of thousands of hours of experience doing outbound sales and lead generation.

When our team sends out messages, the target will contact you directly (based on whatever email address you ask us to type in their "Contact Us" form).


High performance managed web hosting infrastructure to power your site. We'll manage everything so you don't have to.

Unlimited Edits

What we do NOT do

- Telephone call outbound
- Respond to messages
- Customer service

We're here to only send the initial messages and your team takes it from there.


High performance managed web hosting infrastructure to power your site. We'll manage everything so you don't have to.


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